Offer training in multiple formats

Online Courses, Games, Virtual Classroom, Face-to-face and On-The-Job Training.

Improve your employees’ skills

The development plan allows gathering different actions (face-to-face courses, online courses and reading books/articles), with control as determined by the time required by the user to acquire specific skills or knowledge.

Manage your certifications

The operational matrix is used to manage certifications and establish a vision of the training process specified for production x knowledge gaps for certification.

Increase involvement in your training sessions

SIGA sends automatic e-mails to users, informing the end of courses/activities or development plan, facilitating people management.

Tested and approved

Natura, Banco do Brasil, Suzano, Laboratórios Fleury, Banco Safra, Ultragaz, Ypê, SBT, Net Serviços, RBS, Banco Fibra, Instituto GESC, InterChange, Itau Unibanco, Santander Brasil have already used SIGA to improve people management.

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Closely monitor your employees’ progress

Attendance, performance, interaction as well as online and face-to-face training collaboration reports available at anytime of day, accessible anywhere.

Facilitate joint management among the HR,
instructors and students

For example, there can be a director / manager with online access to the performance of all his/her direct reports.

Increase students’ level of motivation

By applying interactional and motivational tools, such as chats, instant messages, discussion pools, surveys, briefcases and active tutoring.

Evaluate the whole training process

Knowledge assessment (organized by item, topic or level of difficulty), evaluation of reaction, knowledge certification, pretesting and opinion surveys.

All of this at a low implementation
and maintenance cost

System hosting through dedicated servers managed by WebTraining. Courses which follow the SCORM standard can easily migrate to SIGA.

Speed up your LMS

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